10 good reasons to switch to an electric car now

10 good reasons to switch to an electric car now


Electric cars are becoming more and more desirable for a large part of the population. There are many reasons why people decide to buy an electric vehicle, including to save money on daily car-related expenses or even for more altruistic reasons such as reducing environmental impact. Here are 10 good reasons to switch to an electric car.

Low co2 emissions

The most noticeable difference between a car running on petrol or diesel and an electric car is in CO2 emissions. Indeed, the electric vehicle is one of the ecological transition measures that are fundamental for sustainable development.

However, electric car manufacturers take into account that some components, such as the manufacture of the battery and the manufacturing process of the car, still generate emissions that are harmful to the environment.

This does not mean that nothing is being done about it. Considering the environmental impact of the manufacture of the components of these vehicles, the manufacturers themselves take back the components which have reached their useful life in order to transform them again.

Electric insurance is cheaper

In general, insurance rates for an electric vehicle are lower than for a combustion vehicle. Indeed, the trend observed by Les Furets is that it can cost you €534 per year to insure a third-party thermal vehicle and €823 to insure it with an all-risks formula.

On the other hand, the electric vehicle has an average premium of €405 per year for a third-party formula and €670 if you opt for an all-risk formula. Keep in mind, however, that it is not enough to simply compare electric and thermal models to draw conclusions.

Indeed, when you insure your car, a considerable number of factors determine the calculation of the premium you will have to pay, such as the distances to be covered, whether it is a vehicle for occasional use or not, etc. .

It’s a quiet vehicle

The electric car does not have an internal combustion engine and therefore does not produce the noises that a combustion engine can produce. Similarly, the electric car has no gearbox. So the driver doesn’t have to focus on the engine to know when to upshift.

Therefore, the electric car is almost imperceptible if you rely solely on your ears to identify it on the street. This is also one of the reasons why some manufacturers of electric cars ensure that they emit a sound that alerts other road users.

Absence of traffic restrictions

A direct consequence of vehicles emitting large amounts of CO2 is the harmful impact on the air we breathe. This is why the circulation of these cars is increasingly restricted. Conversely, zero-emission vehicles benefit from free movement in low-emission zones (ZFE) which are gradually being set up in major French cities, starting with the municipalities of Greater Paris, for example.

Remember that the restrictions the government puts in place will be phased in based on the type of vehicle emissions. Ultimately, the objective is that only cars which emit no pollutants are authorized to circulate.

Electric cars are reliable

Electric cars have a much simpler engine than combustion cars, which means there are fewer parts inside the car that can be damaged. They are therefore much less likely to break down than a conventional car.

Similarly, from the start or when resuming after a stop, the electric car is able to accelerate without problems. Finally, the fact that it can accelerate immediately means that it does not need to be warmed up, which reduces the inconvenience that can be caused by bad weather, for example.

Eco bonus

The bonus is an aid that aims to encourage the purchaser to buy a new, low-polluting vehicle. The vehicle can be a passenger car or an electric or plug-in hybrid van.

Conversion bonus

In addition to the advantage that can be obtained with the ecological bonus, it is possible to obtain a bonus for the purchase of a new or used electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle in exchange for a car or a Crit’Air 3 or older van . It should be noted that the method of obtaining this benefit and the value of the premium are regularly modified.

Note that the criteria changed on July 1, 2021 . You can therefore benefit from up to 5,000 euros for the purchase of an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle, new or used.

Cars that are easy to maintain

The mechanical elements to maintain are fewer than those of a traditional vehicle. The electric vehicle does not require mechanical friction or changes in the flow of liquids and gases, or lubricants.

On the other hand, classic checks such as maintenance of the chassis, bodywork, tires, steering, suspension, etc. are done in the traditional way.

Remember that not every garage can check your electric car. Indeed, to maintain an electric car and do it in optimal conditions, the professional must be qualified to intervene on the electrical systems, and this because of the high traction system, between 400 and 700 volts.

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