10 good reasons to drive an electric car

10 good reasons to drive an electric car


The simple design of an electric car allows it in many respects to obtain top-notch performance. Overview of the 10 main advantages of electric.

Farewell to dependence on gas station networks

With an electric car, no more having to endure queues in front of petrol stations, or even strikes and blockades at refineries! Gas stations can be out of fuel or even blocked by social movements. Electric car drivers are no longer affected by all these hazards of fuel distribution.

You can charge your electric vehicle from almost anywhere.

Where to recharge your electric car? From now on, a simple electrical outlet is enough to recharge your car daily at your office or at your home. Otherwise by connecting to a public terminal.

How to charge your electric car?

Thus, an electromobilist can recharge his vehicle autonomously at his home, by using the territory’s electricity network, or by consuming the energy produced by his own photovoltaic panels!

on certain networks (for the moment), but the most common way to recharge your car is to do it at home. It is therefore sufficient to base yourself on the consumption of this electric car, and to multiply by the price of your supplier per kWh (kilowatt hour). And the rates are variable, because the price of electricity is lower during off-peak hours.

A “full electric” is currently less expensive than its gasoline or diesel equivalent

The price of oil is traditionally subject to multiple fluctuations when a major geopolitical event occurs and it is not uncommon for it to reach excessive levels. In addition, 2/3 of fuel prices are currently made up of taxes! Electricity, for its part, is not yet fully taxed at a level equivalent to petroleum products. And although it is on an upward trend, its price nevertheless remains more stable than that of oil.

In short, an electric refill at home is now much less expensive than a full tank of fuel. As for electric refills from public terminal networks: these are certainly much more expensive than at home, but they are still slightly cheaper than a full tank of fuel.

Electric motor operation is quiet and vibration free

Unlike its thermal combustion counterpart, an electric motor produces no vibrations while being almost completely silent. Electric cars are therefore extremely quiet. In particular at low speed under 30km/h, when the friction of their tires is inaudible. Boarding an electric vehicle is therefore generally a very relaxing experience.

The performance of an electric motor is exceptional

An electric motor is technically far superior to a heat engine. Indeed, all electric motors are capable of operating at full speed almost instantaneously, without wear, by delivering 100% of their torque and power in a linear manner. This characteristic allows them to operate on the axle in direct connection with the wheels of the vehicle.

Regular maintenance of an electric car is very low

Thanks to the exceptional performance of their electric motor(s), electric cars do not require a large maintenance budget. The latter remains indeed very limited since an electric vehicle is always much easier to manufacture than a thermal vehicle.

Thus, most electric models have no gearbox, their motor is directly coupled to the wheels of the vehicle via a simple fixed mechanical reducer. There is also no oil circuit or complex pollution control devices and overall very few electro mechanical components are needed in an electric car. Ultimately, the only component on an electric vehicle whose maintenance can sometimes be very expensive is its battery , in particular lithium-ion.

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