Top 10: which 4×4 to choose in 2023?

Top 10: which 4×4 to choose in 2023?


Nowadays, it quickly seems that everyone drives an SUV . This type of elevated vehicles appeal to families, seniors and professionals. They are often referred to as ”  4x4s “, incorrectly, as many are now sold in a two-wheel-drive configuration. Today we invite you to discover our selection of the 10 best 4×4s on the market. Note that more than SUVs, we will only offer you vehicles offering, as standard or as an option, all-wheel drive .

3 The essentials to remember

 The advantages of 4×4

Contrary to popular belief, 4×4s are not necessarily imposing vehicles . Sometimes also called “4WD” , “4WD” or “AWD” , these acronyms simply mean that a car has all-wheel drive. More concretely, this reflects the fact that all four wheels are driven. While many SUVs offer this, many customers are content with traction, with only the front axle driven.

However, the 4×4 offer remains relatively complete and this is the subject of this article. Here is our selection of city cars and 4×4 SUVs . Depending on the models, you will find different compromises in terms of consumption, versatility, safety and modularity. If you live in the mountains and/or are used to driving in difficult conditions, four-wheel drive will give you more grip.

Our selection of the best 4×4

Dacia Duster II 4x4Despite an entry-level positioning, the Dacia Duster is a well-born SUV, in no way ridiculous. The design is contemporary, without much fantasy. Its optics are better designed and the body line does not denote. The interior is also fairly well finished, although concessions have been made on certain plastics and the presence of drum brakes at the rear. Besides that, the Dacia Duster is relatively flexible and comfortable for its occupants. Its trunk volume is 376 liters for the 4×4 version.

Despite a certain rusticity in the face of very technological competitors, the Dacia Duster 4×4 has real off-road skills . It allows significant angles of attack and benefits from effective chassis protections. And even if the road behavior can be improved, the Franco-Romanian SUV is, in our opinion, one of the best possible choices in terms of versatility, especially given its excellent price/performance ratio .

On the market since 1994, the Toyota RAV4 is surely one of the most popular 4×4s and the fifth generation now includes hybrid and rechargeable hybrid engines . Over the iterations, the RAV4 asserted its style and is more aggressive than ever. On board, the presentation is also improved and full of screens, whether for the multimedia system or the 12.3-inch digital instrumentation. Five people can comfortably sit aboard the 4×4 and will benefit from a trunk volume of 580 litres.

On the configuration side, you have the choice between five finishes , Dynamic, Dynamic Business, Trail, Lounge and Collection, as well as a 2.5L Hybrid engine with continuously variable transmission with electronic management of 218 hp or a 2.5L Hybrid engine with variable transmission continuously electronically controlled 222 hp. To take the wheel of the Toyota RAV4, plan a budget of at least 44,500 euros .

If there is one manufacturer that specializes in 4x4s , it’s Land Rover . On the market since the 80s, the emblematic 4×4 Defender remains a very good choice, especially the second generation released in 2019. The cubic look is obviously retained, but the lines are modernized. This is also the case on board since the Defender inherits a 10-inch touch screen with Pivi Pro, as well as digital instrumentation. The higher the finish, the more upscale the equipment will be. Moreover, the Defender 130 can accommodate up to 8 seats and the trunk volume extends from 297 to 786 litres.

As for the petrol and diesel engines , they are all equipped with a micro-hybridization system to limit CO2 emissions. Enough to avoid the ecological penalty depending on the engine chosen! Have you fallen for the Land Rover Defender? It is accessible from 63,800 euros .

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