Dubai Shopping Tours by Bus: Retail Therapy on Wheels

Dubai Shopping Tours by Bus: Retail Therapy on Wheels


Are you eager to experience retail therapy in Dubai? Try a shopping tour by bus. It is indeed retail therapy on wheels. As these buses navigate the bustling city you can explore malls. You can visit markets of one of the fastest-growing global shopping destinations.

Dubai – A Shopping Paradise

As one of the richest countries worldwide Dubai is renowned for its opulence. Lavish hotels testify to this wealth. The tallest skyscraper is here. Luxury supercars throng the streets. But it is the city’s passion for shopping that steals the limelight.

Showcasing an array of retail avenues this emirate state stands unrivaled in consumer choices. These avenues offer everything from value-for-money souvenirs to high-end fashion brands. There’s something for every shopper on board.

Shopping Tours by Bus – Alluring Avenues

Given Dubai’s expansive landscape shoppers may find it hard to cover all hotspots on foot. That’s where shopping tours by bus come in handy. These bus tours allow you to visit hundreds of shops a day without tiring yourself out. They are well mapped out with frequent stops at popular locales.

Shopaholics can relax on plush seats as they move from one prime location to another. At each stop they dive into an ocean of goods well made goods by international artisans.

Iconic Malls

Dubai takes pride in its array of icon malls like Mall of Emirates or the Dubai Mall. A bus tour will invariably make a stop at one if not both. Blessed with a plethora of choices these places offer unrestricted access to varieties of outlets carrying international fashion labels.

Traditional Markets

Dubai shopping tours by bus also swing by traditional markets known as ‘Souks’. Souks like Gold Souk or Spice Souk offer a range for goods from Gold jewelry to spices.

Tour Details

Most shopping tours in Dubai operate daily. They start in the morning with breakfast. The day ends post dinner. The duration varies according to individual packages. Some can be as short as four hours. Some others may run as long as eight hours.

Viable Payments

Dubai Shopping tours by bus are cost-effective. Inclusion of meals in the package appeals to many visitors. Even those restricted by a budget shop in luxury thanks to duty-free allowances. It must be noted that most tours accept payments in Dirhams.
A shopping tour by bus in Dubai offers an unmatched shopping experience. Its well-planned routes ensure all major shopping destinations get covered. All kinds of irresistible merchandise coupled with hassle-free transport make it retail therapy on wheels. Do not miss this opportunity to satiate your shopaholic self when you visit Dubai next.

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